Vibroy – Portable Vibration Speaker



Stick it anywhere

- Anything that meets Vibroy can become a speaker. Stick the vibration head onto cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, books and even on your car.

Enjoy Surprise & Fun

- Vibroy is different from normal speaker. Try to find what objects generate good sound. It is a fun. You will be surprised at the objects with perfect loud speaker.

Good Design

- Vibroy capsule design won a Korean Design Award In 2010. Everybody like this gorgeous mini capsule speaker!

Simple to use! Simple to carry!

- Small size to hold in one hand. Simply put Vibroy in your pocket or bag and take it out.




Output 1W
Power 3V (battery) / 5V (USB)
Frequence 300Hz ~ 10,000Hz
Impedence 40hm
Noise 78dB
Accessory Manual, USB-DC cable, 2pcd PU pad, Audioextension cable, Hand-strap